That time I pretended to be an art major

Art is everywhere. From every cereal box design to graffitied street lamp to classic Monet… Over the last three weeks I embarked on my own journey of art: Paper Processes. In this J-term course, I learned all about making paper by hand, creating a book from it, and making a mural. That’s right. With my group, we picked a 17th century still life painting to recreate in a 4’x8′ size…entirely out of paper. In a week. Talk about intense! Here is what I learned during my one-month life as an art major.

  1. You stand. A lot.
  2. Names are irrelevant. I am now Emily.
  3. You dream about your art…and then have nightmares about paper.
  4. I know all my Spotify playlists inside and out.
  5. My thoughts are not the greatest companion.
  6. Be prepared to walk through a lake during a hurricane. You get wet.
  7. Paper making is not for the weak of mind.
  8. …or weak of spirit.
  9. …or just plain weak.
  10. Water is heavy!
  11. Paper has a smell. It’s not always pleasant.
  12. Expect paper cuts. Lots of them.
  13. My hair is a valuable commodity in the art of paper making.
  14. Rome wasn’t built in a day.
  15. Neither were paintings completed.
  16. Especially those in giant proportions.
  17. My back has never hurt so much before in my life.
  18. Your hands turn all sorts of (lovely) colors!
  19. I have finally nearly pulled my first all-nighter. That was not on my senior bucket list.
  20. Art majors are really nice and encouraging, especially towards those of us who are artistically incompetent.
  21. You bond well over the silliest of things…like how you struggle to use a paper cutter.
  22. I was transported back to second grade, when I strived real hard to earn gold star stickers.
  23. Earning stars for your hard work never gets old!
  24. Cows are cute.
  25. Handmade paper and hand-assembled books are some of the coolest items I’ve ever owned.

You walk away with some pretty neat mementos from the journey. Pictured below is our mural.


Our finished mural!


My primary contribution: the window. All but the shells


marbled paper


marbled paper


The touch-and-feel components of my pop-up nursery rhyme: Hey Diddle Diddle!