It’s My Birthday! (Week 6)


A few days ago, I was folding my laundry, thinking about how I will only have to do the wash one more time before I come home. Is it weird that I track countdowns by the number of laundry loads remaining? Anyway, that sparked the nostalgia at a much deeper level. I started feeling a whole range of emotions from excitement to sadness to regret. I’m thrilled to have reunions with friends and take a few beach days. I’m sad to be leaving this beautiful country and all the new friends here. And I feel a little regretful about not accomplishing as many projects as I originally hoped. However, each time these thoughts emerge, I stop myself and consider all the wonderful things I have accomplished, both physically and mentally. I think that perhaps the biggest feat is the emotional healing I’ve experienced. This post sums it up perfectly.

With that, I want to take this week to share with everyone all that I have completed thus far.

My biggest project here in Târgu Mureș has been a mural in the entryway of the house. When first asked, I was nervous because I do not consider myself a painter at all. However, with my extremely basic skills, I was able to create something similar to what I envisioned. And then adding the lettering on top completely overpowers any minor imperfections in the paint job. I’m quite satisfied with the end result 🙂

{Apparently I don’t have a photo, so I’ll be sure to include that in my next post!}

This past week, I spent a few days working on a program called Jump Start. This course helps an individual identify their calling by exploring a variety of contributing factors, including family history, physical & spiritual giftings, and childhood influences. It’s usually conducted as a seminar, but I still found it helpful by myself with coaching from the base directors. So far I haven’t discovered anything revolutionary, but I am quite relieved that that my intuitive sense about my passions and gifts has not been misaligned. I’m hoping to let it sit for the week and then chat with Marianna next week about how our passions can be used as we plan for the future.

I’ve been slowly getting to know different people throughout Târgu Mures. If I were here for even one more month, I would try to get involved with some local ministries, ranging from VBS to English lessons to poverty alleviation. I’ve run into a large amount of people who are working to further the Kingdom by serving in Romania. It’s really quite powerful. In the meantime, I’ve gotten to befriend these beautiful servants and pray for their ministries, which is equally important.

Finally, we celebrated my birthday this weekend. Saturday evening, we had a Romanian barbecue. It was so delicious. Plus I learned how to cook vinete–an eggplant spread, kind of like hummus, that I love! And then we had cake and played board games, which made for a very happy Emma! Sunday, we went out for breakfast, and then I went to a new church. It was one of seven Romanian campuses for Harvest Bible Chapel based out of Chicago. I really enjoyed my time there and wish I had gone sooner!! We ate soarma (Romanian form of gyros) for lunch and then left for camp. Long, full day for sure!

Coming up next week: I’m currently typing this in the car as we drive to a remote village. This week we’ll be at InTouch camp–a weeklong point of connection for individuals affiliated with YWAM. I’m pretty excited for the time to connect with other Christians in various stages of ministry and have deep, intentional time away with God.


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